Bar Academy


Since 2007, Bar Academy has been training professional Bartenders and Baristas, while providing at the same time Drink & Cocktail Catering services. We were asked to redesign their corporate identity by separating the 2 subrands with each one of them remaining complete and standalone.

We created a "visual glossary" using pictograms out of all the materials, products and utensils extensively used by professional bartenders; this “glossary” is characterized by balance, simplicity and symmetry, in order to facilitate the process of awareness by the students. We developed a flexible identity, fully customized to the nature of the brand. Apart from the logo, these elements are found in the cocktail-recipe books, the surrounding area and all media creating a sense of vitality, movement and dynamics through a branded language devised exclusively for Bar Academy.

We have accentuated the subrands differences by using different colours and by modifying the dominating elements of the logo while respecting at the same time the loud tonality of Bar Academy.


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