7 things that made us say WOW #5

30 May

#1 LEGO Launches Braille Bricks for Children to Learn Braille

At the Sustainable Brands conference in Paris last month, the LEGO Foundation and LEGO Group announced their new project to help blind and visually impaired children learn braille through custom LEGO Braille Bricks.

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#2 “The future of design is in the creation of tools”: Meet the Space Type Generator

Space Type Generator is not only anyone’s gateway into the mind-boggling world of motion type design, it is also an extremely fun tool to play around with. For anyone that is a complete novice to motion graphics simply opening this tool in your web browser makes you feel more technology-fluent, as what unfolds before our very eyes once that webpage loads, is a reservoir of hypnotically moving type.

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#3 The two-year quest to rebrand Ikea for the digital age

The company isn’t giving up its blue and yellow logo, but it instead will debut a white branding scheme that can sit on top of any image or video. It’s all part of Ikea’s move toward digital.

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#4 Human Anatomy Baked Into Polymer Desserts by QimmyShimmy

Singapore-based mixed media artist QimmyShimmy uses polymer clay to craft baby figures and sugary treats that blend fantasy and reality in interesting and often disturbing ways. From tiny anatomical heart pies to baby head lollipops, the surreal sculptures are a trick and a treat wrapped in one confusing but attractive package.

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#5 Picasso Portraits Reimagined as Glossy Digital Sculptures by Omar Aqil

For his series Character Illustrations, the art director and illustrator Omar Aqil (previously) uses Pablo Picasso’s painted portraits to inspire digital recreations. Aqil mirrors the artist’s Cubist style by collaging discrete metallic and glossy objects together in the shape of human or animals faces. 

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#6 Louis vuitton's flexible OLED screen bags are the future of fashion

Louis vuitton has introduced a set of handbags featuring built-in flexible OLED displays. designed by its creative director nicolas ghesquière, the french fashion house describes the accessories as its most innovative ‘canvas’ yet.

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#7 Teachable Machine

Teach a machine, using your camera, live in the browser! No coding required.

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