7 things that made us say WOW #4

02 April

#1 Seeing Double:

Life-Size Crocheted Figures by Liisa Hietanen Imitate Fellow Villagers

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#2 Snøhetta completes Europe's first underwater restaurant in Norway

Snøhetta has completed Under, the "world's largest underwater restaurant", which plunges from a craggy shoreline in the remote village of Båly, Norway.

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#3 Best of 2018 UX Design Case Studies

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#4 How Brandless’s creative chief built an anti-brand from scratch

Jen Tank has arguably one of the hardest jobs in design: branding a brand that eschews branding. Here’s how she works through the challenge.

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#5 The world’s first genderless AI voice is here. Listen now

Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google all default as women. But what if AI assistants thought beyond gender norms?

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#6 Robo Strippers wow crowd at Las Vegas Strip Club during CES

A pair of robotic strippers named R2DD and Triple CPU took to the stage at Sapphire gentlemen's club Jan. 8, to show off their pole dancing moves. The pair was on display during the week of CES 2018.

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#7 Space photos

Space continues to be a strange and thrilling place in this week’s photo journey. Even our own solar system full of mystery.

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