An ambitious rebranding to unlock marketing possibilities


Rebranding for global tourism wholesaler

With the need to re-establish its position in the global travel industry, former Special Tours and today stglobe, commissioned us to create a new visual identity, website and platform that would challenge the wholesaler look and feel.

A new name with existing traction

Understanding that clients and partners were already using the name of the booking platform, stglobe, to refer to the company, our first priority was to suggest a new name that was already enjoying great reputation: stglobe.

The friendly and intelligent tourism supplier

The global travel industry is a highly competitive and unstable one. And in this constantly changing context, we chose to create a brand that would solely focus on stglobe’s values and core advantages. The company boasts great customer service, the latest and most reliable technology and great value for money. It’s this friendliness and attention to innovation that we chose to draw inspiration from to create a brand that truly reflects what stglobe is today.

Versatile illustration – turning a disadvantage to a useful marketing tool

Due to the limitation we encountered in using real hotels imagery to avoid promotion of specific hotels, we found an innovative and playful solution in inspiring illustration. We went on to develop a series of illustrations related to the travel industry, such as travellers, hotels, airports and other to give a sense of the fascinating and fast-growing travel industry. The use of illustration enables us to create a unique brand style, a sense of innovation and ambition as well as to develop effective marketing and communication materials with great customer appeal.

A custom font for stglobe

Big brands require ambitious solutions. And that is why we went a step further to create a bespoke geometric Sans Serif font with custom ligatures that is unique to stglobe.

Online clients first!

Re-launching the stglobe booking platform was a key objective of this project. Ensuring a seamless user experience in a digital environment that inspires trust, reliability and innovation was our priority.

Corporate website

Friendliness, leadership and innovation were the three ingredients for developing a company website that invites you to join a leading B2B booking platform. We wanted to create a website that tells you exactly why you need to join stglobe in a simple and captivating manner and what to expect when you join stglobe for each of the key target groups.

A new brand is born! And now what?

The brand implementation phase is a critical one even for the most scalable and flexible brand. And that is why we were commissioned to drive the stglobe brand launch campaign and the development of an annual marketing strategy for stglobe by completing the following stages: situation and competitors analysis, SWOT, positioning, defining tone of voice, goals and KPIs setting.

Implementing an ambitious marketing plan for stglobe.

Our team of marketing experts worked to implement and deliver:
- Annual marketing strategy
- Monthly marketing activity plan
- KPIs
- Key communication messages & tonality
- Marketing collateral
- Social media

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