Marketing + Design = [Insert relevant emoji here]

Marketing + Design = [Insert relevant emoji here]

23 May

I have always observed how sometimes words like ‘marketing’, ‘sales’ or ‘business development’ are crudely associated with money making through some form of deception. Together with that, as a marketer myself, I have first hand experience of people’s reactions when they hear the following words coming out of my mouth ‘marketing manager’. These reactions widely range from a smile to a big question mark but they all come from the same place: THE UNKNOWN! Add to that reaction the finish of ‘in a design and branding agency’ and there you go, you have the perfect image of confusion. ‘What does a marketing manager in a branding agency do?’ And frankly, it is a pretty damn good question!

Design meets marketing and marketing meets design = HELLO!

Designers don’t really associate themselves with the discipline of marketing but on the other hand marketers very often love designers. It is something like love without response. But why is that? Marketers perceive designers as their creative partners that can translate their ideas and strategies into beautiful visual languages and stories. And that is truly fascinating when it happens! For designers though, marketing is sometimes seen as the limit to their creativity and that unfortunately can also happen! So there you go, love without response with marketers totally in love and designers completely out of it.

Marketing + Design = [Insert relevant emoji here]

Design + marketing = LFE (love emoticons)

I’ve always admired creative professionals and as a marketing manager, meeting with branding agencies and designers was always the best part of my job.  So when I finally joined a creative agency, I was finally behind the curtains, where magic happened, where creativity was manifested, where beautiful brands and designs were being created. But how is this done? 

Design creativity is significantly fueled by informed and well-developed marketing, communication and brand strategies.  And on the other side, marketing and communication strategies, campaigns and brand come to life through design. Design plays a crucial role in creating a successful brand or campaign. Design is art if you remove the element of commercial use and marketing is just market research and data without design. Successful branding and design can convey certain ideas and evoke certain emotions. And that can only be achieved by having a clear marketing strategy. So this love, although at first sight one without response, is indeed a loving long-term relationship 

‘What does a marketing manager in a design studio do?’

Complex questions require simple answers! And as mentioned before, you can’t have design without marketing and marketing without design. In that way, marketing brings the necessary information about the market, brand and audiences to the design thinking process. It brings the user/customer at the centre of web design. It positions clear communication at the heart of branding and campaign materials. It helps companies that don’t have a marketing strategy in place to position their customer at the centre of their brand, product and campaigns. For companies with a marketing team, working with marketing specialists in a creative agency brings fresh ideas and out-of-the-box thinking, things that are often very much needed in established in-house marketing departments. 

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