7 things that made us say WOW #3

04 March

#1 ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com uses AI to generate endless fake faces

Hit refresh!

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#2 FedEx’s first delivery robot will climb your stairs and hand you a pizza

The delivery giant is getting in on the robot delivery wars, debuting a robot called SameDay that can climb stairs and navigate sidewalks.

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#3 Can machines be more creative than humans?

A computer-generated artwork is going to auction at Sotheby’s – but will AI art have staying power?

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#4 Balloon Birds by Terry Cook Mimic Their Real-Life Counterparts

Passing up the typical party tricks of dogs, flowers, and hats, Terry Cook riffs on classic balloon-twisting shapes with his avian creations.

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#5 The hipster effect

Why anti-conformists always end up looking the same

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#6 Lines of light mark inevitable sea level rise from climate change

at high tide, three synchronized lines of light activate in the outer hebrides off the west coast of scotland. lines (57° 59 ́N, 7° 16 ́W) by finnish artists pekka niittyvirta and timo aho wrap around two structures and along the base of a mountain landscape. everything below these lines of light will one day be underwater.

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#7 Damien Hirst designed a $100K-a-night hotel room. It’s . . . Hirsty

Relax in a luxury suite overlooking two dead sharks in formaldehyde.

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